A funny thing happened at the Sunflower

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Image: Aidan Killian, left, with Pauric, Jason, Anna, Daire, Mustafa and Una on stage at the Sunflower bar in Belfast

By Una Murphy, VIEWdigital co-founder

It’s the most fun I’ve had standing-up. Or maybe I’ve just lead a quiet life.

Before My Stand-Up for Human Rights set I cowered in the ladies toilet in the Sunflower Bar in Belfast trying to learn my lines.

Coaxed out of the loo by fellow comedy newbie Anna – who used to work for human rights organisation PPR and is now studying human rights law – I joined the comedians at the back of the bar.

The MC for the evening Aidan Killian took to the stage first and showed us how it was all done.

Confession time – when I worked as a TV reporter I delivered Pieces To Camera so I know how to stand up and speak out – but being funny that’s something else. I love a joke but couldn’t deliver a punch line to save my life.

Until I did Human Rights Festival http://www.humanrightsfestivalni.com Stand Up For Humanity boot camp with comic genius Aidan Killian http://aidankillian.com/stand-up-for-humanity Make sure you get a ticket for his Belfast gig next Spring

From doggerel to comedy gold Aidan helped me to shape a short stand up that made them laugh. The fact that I forgot my lines had the audience laughing even more.

So it is the most fun you’ll have Standing-Up. And as my mother always says if you didn’t laugh you’d cry.


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