Support for refugees as World’s Best News is delivered in Belfast

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 A free newspaper, created by young people in Belfast who have volunteered around the world to help people in crisis, was distributed to commuters in Belfast.

The paper, called World’s Best News has been created by young people aged 18-25 years-old in response to the refugee crisis to tell people that the UK has got a successful and long history of helping people around the world, no matter where they are from or where they live.   The paper has been coordinated by Bond, the (UK membership body for international development organisations) to highlight the remarkable progress made in the fight against extreme poverty and injustice.

One of the volunteers was Aaron Toland, 22, from Belfast, who volunteered with Bond member organisation, International Citizen Service (ICS).  He went to Honduras, to a rural town called Guayape.  Whilst there, he worked with the local government to analyse the waste problem of the town, and to assist in the creation of a comprehensive waste management system for the whole community. 

Aaron said: “I am interested in the World’s Best News as I feel in today’s climate it is often doom and gloom with regards to development so it would make a nice change to heard the untold success stories.  Anyone who has seen the news of the current crisis in Europe and Syria will be wondering about good news, but I want to show people in Belfast that we shouldn’t despair or forget what is going on.  Instead we should recognise the success and lessons learned to tackle the current situation.”

The World’s Best News is a newspaper that features positive stories about international development, progress made since the Millennium Development Goals were created 15 years ago and the new Sustainable Development Goals.  The paper has been produced by Bond with backing from the EU as part of the European Year of Development 2015.

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