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Why VIEW believes a debate on use of digital technology is vital

By Brian Pelan, editor, VIEWdigital

Back in the 1990s, I use to work as a stone sub editor and news pages were made up on photographic paper and pasted onto boards by printers.
Fast forward to 2015 and VIEW is edited and designed on a computer. I can produce the magazine anywhere in the world and with a few clicks, the content is published online in a matter of minutes.
The community/voluntary/charity sector in Northern Ireland has embraced the digital age with mixed results. A few far-sighted organisations have equipped themselves with the latest digital technology and the results of their investments are there for all to see.
But sadly, budget or the lack of a healthly budget, means that a lot of organisations fail to or are unable to utilise the technology available. It’s high time, we believe, that the entire sector started a serious debate on how best to embrace digital technology. That will entail the organisations coming together more to see how they can avail of the latest technology and to learn from experts already in the field.
One of the key aspects also of digital is in communications. I believe that organisations must seize the moment and decide on how they best want to get their message and campaigns across to the wider public. If you are only half-heartedly using Facebook, Linkedin, WordPress, Twitter, Youtube, etc, you are holding back the growth of your organisation.
The purpose also of this publication and other themed editions is to highlight key issues which involve us all.
Our training workshops on the use of digital technology shows our serious commitment to upskilling the community/voluntary/charity sector.
I hope you enjoy this issue and that it informs your use of digital technology.
A big thanks also to all who contributed to ‘Community Goes Digital’.


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