A healthy challenge from nutritionist Jane McClenaghan

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Has nutritionist Jane McClenaghan bitten off more than she can chew as she attempted to make VIEW editor Brian Pelan a more healthier man?

By Brian Pelan, VIEW editor

The esteemed playwright Samuel Becket put it eloquently, when he wrote: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

I, like many others, have aspirations to be more healthy. And given that ‘aspire’ seems to be the word of the moment, I sometimes believe that I am doomed to try to aspire to a healthier lifestyle and doomed to fail again.

When I outlined my request to nutritionist Jane McClenaghan for help in dropping an unhealthy lifestyle, she instantly replied and asked me to fill in a form which gave a series of health questions, including, what you had ate in the previous seven days.

A mere glance at this form soon had me diving into a packet of Hob Knobs. As I munched merrily away, I contemplated given a series of answers that would result in me getting a perfect score. A team of eminent doctors would flock to my door in wonderment as they gazed upon a perfect specimen of male health.

As the crumbs of the last biscuit melted in my mouth, I swallowed hard and opted for that rare and delicate concept – the truth.

Jane has seen my answers and has vowed never to divulge them. In return, she offered me a diet plan, which like all ‘diet plans’ in the world, I embraced whole-heartedly for a couple of days.

A smugness took over me as I thought, ‘how easy this is’. I cut out the sweet stuff and replaced it with fresh fruit and regular glasses of water.

And with all attempts of humour put aside for the moment, I did feel healthier. I was actually enjoying the feeling of a new diet and having a healthier outlook.

The ‘new me’ lasted for about seven days before the excuse of ‘stress’ had me reaching back into the hob knob tin.

The ‘old, reliable me’ is dreading bumping into Jane, who sparkles and bubbles with her healthy look.

Will I try again? The answer is Yes.

But as the years advance, I’m also aware that my options on the ‘great healthy plan’ are fast running out.

And did I mention, I’m also a smoker.

• Nutritionist Jane McClenaghan can be contacted at http://vital-nutrition.co.uk/contact/

• To view the full issue of VIEW FOOD MAGAZINE, which was supported by the Food Standards Agency NI, go to http://viewdigital.org/2015/10/27/food-issue/


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