Alliance for Choice launches #trustwomen campaign over abortion

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The pro-choice campaign group Alliance for Choice today launched their #trustwomen campaign to ensure abortion remains high on the political agenda for the May 2016 Assembly elections. 

The social media campaign will lobby for  MLA’s  to: 

• Trust women to make decisions about their own lives 

• Ask for Legal Change to allow greater abortion access

• Push for a free vote on any progressive change

Speaking today at the launch, chairperson Kellie O’Dowd said “We are asking our current and potential MLAs to trust women. As a campaigning organisation we think it is important that current and future politicians are aware of how the current law impacts on women. During the campaign we will be sharing the real life stories of women who have been affected by the current law and we will be asking our politicians to support progressive legislative change and a free vote should legislation come to the floor of the Assembly”.

Vice Chairperson Emma Campbell who designed the website said: “Our campaign has a simple message with a simple answer to the question Do you #trustwomen? We are hoping to gain public support from the trade union movement, the women’s sector the community, and the public who do trust women. Our website is easily accessible and offers a range of ways people can get involved from e-mailing their MLA to running information sessions in the community, or visiting our stall on Saturday’s in Cornmarket 2-4pm”.

Supporting the campaign, Dawn Purvis said ” We already know that the general public are way ahead of our politicians when it comes to the issue of progressive change. The Milward Brown Survey carried out by Amnesty International in October 2014 show that two thirds of the population are in favour of women having choice in the same terms as outlined in the High Court judgement last week. Therefore it is important that this issue remains high on the political agenda so that the views of the electorate are considered by those who wish to represent them from 2016 onwards.”


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