Belfast Titanic Society to screen Nazi propaganda film about famous liner

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Belfast Titanic Society in association with Strand Arts Centre will screen the film, Titanic (1943) on Saturday, April 2. The screening will be accompanied by a talk from German Titanic Association president, Malte Fiebing-Peterson. Malte will explain the context of the film and talk about its production.

This is the only the second time the 1943 film, commissioned by Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, has been screened in Northern Ireland.

It was made as a piece of wartime propaganda and portrays the cause of Titanic’s loss as the greed of British imperialism. The film itself was banned by Goebbels shortly after its completion. It was felt that scenes of people in peril at sea would not be helpful to German morale. Some of the recreations of the sinking were re-used in the film, “A Night to Remember” (1958), produced by Bangor-born William McQuitty.


This one off screening and lecture will be open to the public and will start at 12 noon. Seats cost £7, available from the Strand Arts Centre, Holywood Road, Belfast. Tickets should be booked on line in advance at

Belfast Titanic Society chairman, Dr Aidan McMichael said “ I am delighted that Malte Fiebing-Peterson, the recognised world expert on this highly unusual and intriguing film is coming to Belfast to help us understand why it was made. This really is a must see for those interested in the wider Titanic story and those interested in cinema !”



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