Shoot, edit and upload a video in one day

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Lecturer/Trainer Willis McBriar guides you through making videos that tell a story, then shows you how to find an audience.

 This is a one-day introductory course suitable for the complete beginner, but with plenty of content for more experienced users. Normally the software editor used is WeVideo. We can also advise on editing software packages for Macs and PCs

Session 1 – Shoot
Types of camera, prices, buying guide. Camera accessories – Microphones, headphones, lighting and tripods Uploading your footage to a computer – files, storage and organization. Depending on time and expertise this session will include practical experience of filming on a variety of cameras.

Session 2 – Edit
Overview of Editing software and an introduction to Wevideo, a surprisingly powerful cloud based, free editor. Edit interface, timeline editing, cropping. Resource library: Text, graphics, transitions, effects and audio. Practical hands-on experience of editing, using both Wevideo and user generated content.

Session 3 – Upload
Upload you short film and get an audience via social media and on your website; attaching your Wevideo account to Youtube and Uploading to Wevideo/Youtube.

1. Bring a laptop. Either bring your own or borrow one, preferably with a screen size 14” or larger. If you do have to borrow a laptop or netbook, please bring a USB pen drive to store your files.

2. If you already have a camera, even your smartphone, bring it along.

3. Set yourself up with a free Wevideo account, by going to and following their instructions. If you have an education email account you will get a better free account using it.

4. If you haven’t already got Google Chrome installed as a browser please get it. . Wevideo runs best on Chrome, but any HTML5 compliant browser will be fine, e.g. Safari or Firefox.  It is best to avoid Internet Explorer.

5. Make sure you have the latest update of Flash. Not usually a problem for home or laptop users but corporate machines can be a

Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm.. Location: Belfast city centre. Price: £199


For more details, email Una Murphy at 


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