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Using video to create, edit and distribute content will visualise your information, affording it greater impact. VIEWdigital trainers can show your staff how to use iPads and iPhones as well as Digital SLRs to shoot, edit and upload information, demonstrating how to achieve maximum results by enhance clicking through the information, thereby maximising response rates.




The course examines visual structure of photographs; from how to frame your shot, lighting conditions, colour, contrast and affinity using smartphones as well as digital cameras. Whether for application on your company’s corporate reports, or for use on social media, well-considered images taken with proficiency in contemporary photographic technology can have a positive impact in representing your organisation.



Creating infographics is a great way to tell stories about your organisation’s work in a visually and instantly recognisable format. The free software we are using, Canva, used with guidance from our trainer, can be an invaluable design resource. Through demonstrations on how to represent your company’s message, even complex data, participants can gain valuable insight and knowledge to allow them to effectively visually represent your brand.


Writing for Digital

stories newThere are different skillsets involved in writing for digital, print or broadcasting media. VIEWdigital trainers have experience and proficiency in all three mediums. Your employees need to be able to produce interesting stories and make them searchable and instantly accessible for an online audience. We look at Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as part of this course as well as how to use digital channels web/newsletters/social media to engage your audience.

SEO for Media

Radio is for the ear. Television is for the eye and Digital is all about SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is the key to growing your audience. Digital experts know the truth: effective SEO is the key to online success.


Our trainers include Barry Adams, Ruth Brolly, Barbara McCann, Willis McBriar, and Una Murphy. The training is hosted by VIEWdigital a community journalism social enterprise and publisher of VIEW social affairs magazine.

Course Type: Full Day, Half Day Workshops. Lunchtime Seminars

Course Location: Alpha House, 3 Rosemary Street, Belfast, BT1 1QA or your company’s Training Room

Course Prices: Bespoke tailored workshops in your premises £990 half day, £1990 full day. Public courses are £59, £99, £199 per person for lunchtime seminars, half day and full day workshops.

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