Why we need to talk about mental illness


Image: Sangeeta Mahajan and her son Saagar

Saagar Naresh was a charming 20-year-old of Indian origin. He moved from India to UK at the age of five. He lived in London and is in his second year was at University, studying languages.

He was an accomplished cricketer (fast bowler), percussionist and linguist. He loved everything French. He was passionate about Arabic. He played with accents and imitations and has his family in splits. He was handsome, funny and had a heart of gold. His friendships meant the world to him.

In August 2014, the confusing and menacing ravages of Bipolar Disorder took over him. Unannounced, he ended his life by his own hands within 10 weeks of diagnosis.

In the VIEW issue on suicide prevention, we carried a story on page 23 about his tragic death – http://viewdigital.org/2016/11/03/need-talk-suicide-prevention/

In the attached sound file, his mother Sangeeta Mahajan talks to a young women about mental illness – https://soundcloud.com/user-474898075/ruby-201517

Sangeeta also writes a regular blog – https://kidsaregifts.org





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