Charities offered chance to win free videos to promote their work

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VIDEO production company SmartVideo today launched an online competition for local charities to win a free video to promote their cause.

Three charities will be chosen to have a video produced, including case stories, interviews and a final call to action urging people to do something like donate, volunteer or provide their details.

Paul Connolly, director of SmartVideo, said: “We want to give back something to the community, and offering our skills and knowledge to worthy causes seemed the right thing to do.

“Winners will be the charity that gives us a great story with great people. We will then choose one large, one medium-sized and one small charity.”

The selected charities will receive a day of video production and assistance with marketing the video online.

To be in with a chance of winning, charities should submit their email address, phone number, name and position of the applicant on whatever device they are using – and like SmartVideo on Facebook or LinkedIn.

“The competition is designed in such a way that we will pick winners that can develop their message,” said Paul. “And, we understand that some may want to use it for specific campaigns or for a specific time, such as Christmas.

“But most important of all we want the entrants to say ‘My charity should be a winner because…’ as we want to assess every entry on the story they tell”

Winners of the three videos will be notified not later than 30 June, 2017. Competition closes 15 June, 2017.The videos will be shot and edited on dates to be agreed between 15 July and 30 October 2017.

To enter the competition log onto to see the social media competition or go to to download an application form


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