Thousands march in Belfast to demand same-sex marriage


Image: Thousands of protestors marched through Belfast city centre to demand same-sex marriage

By VIEW editor Brian Pelan

On a bright sunny day in Belfast with the occasional burst of rain, thousands of people attended a march last weekend to support the growing calls for marriage equality in Northern Ireland.

The march set off from Writers’ Square and  ended in a rally at Belfast City Hall, addressed by actress Bronagh Waugh.

To date, members of the Northern Ireland Assembly have voted five times on whether or not to introduce same-sex marriage.

On the fifth time, in November 2015, they narrowly voted in favour, with a majority of 53 votes to 52.

However, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which opposes same-sex marriage, a petition of concern to block the motion and prevent any change in the law.

Patrick Corrigan from Amnesty International said: “It’s about love, it’s about equality, and making very clear that this is about civil marriage equality – it’s nothing to do with what happens within the precincts of churches.”

Coleraine-born TV actress Bronagh Waugh, star of The Fall and Hollyoaks, was the main speaker at the rally at Belfast City Hall.

“With the spotlight on Northern Ireland at the minute, now is our chance to really step up our campaigning a gear and give Northern Ireland what it so clearly wants and deserves, finally – equal marriage,” she said.


One of the protest signs in Belfast


Two canine supporters of marriage equality


Getting a good vantage point at the marriage equality march


Support from Amnesty International for marriage equality


Supporting marriage equality


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