Rural users still not happy about mobile coverage


By Una Murphy

The broadcasting and telecommunications regulator Ofcom has found that three quarters of adults in Northern Ireland now own a smartphone.

Nearly six out of ten say their smartphone is their most important device going online, according to the latest Ofcom Communications Market report.

In rural areas, however, over a fifth of mobile phone users said they were ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ dissatisfied with the phone reception. Overall people living in rural Northern Ireland are less satisfied with their mobile phone reception than those in urban areas.

The Communications Market report also found that tablet ownership is also on the rise, with three in five household now having one.

In Northern Ireland, people are likely to spend more than 20 hours a week online and young person are more likely to be online than people over 65.

Despite the rise in online activity, traditional media remains popular. People spend more time watching live TV (an average of 3 hours 36 minutes a day) than engaging in any other communications activity. People continue to turn to TV first to keep-up with the latest news.

Nine in ten people in Northern Ireland tune in every week, on average listening to more than 20 hours of radio every week.

You can find out more in the latest Communications Report from Ofcom at




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