Pro-choice group ‘disappointed’ by abortion funding decision


Alliance for Choice have expressed their “disappointment” at the announcement that Marie Stopes UK are to be forced to charge patients in their Belfast clinic again after a brief month of funded care for individuals meeting the legal requirements for abortion in Northern Ireland.

Following the recent decision in Westminster that abortion care could be free to pregnant people from NI who travel to Great Britain, Marie Stopes UK made the announced that they would waive fees in their Belfast clinic.

This decision, which saw funding supplied by the Westminster Equalities Office, has now been reversed following government guidance.

Marie Stopes Belfast provide legal medical abortion when the pregnancy is fewer than nine weeks’ gestation.

A spokesperson for Alliance for Choice said they had wholeheartedly welcomed the decision for abortion care in the Belfast clinic to be fully funded for NI residents last month and the reversal of this decision is a bitter disappointment for all who support choice in Northern Ireland


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