Hundreds attend protests against Two-Child Cap and Rape Clause


By VIEW editor Brian Pelan

Protests over forthcoming changes to the welfare system, including the rape clause policy, have been held in Belfast and Derry.

The rape clause refers to the government’s plan to restrict child tax credits and Universal Credit to a parent’s first two children.

Benefits for any subsequent children would only be paid if their mother declared they were conceived by rape.

Doctors, nurses and social workers will be asked to help assess the claims.

Carolyn Ewert, from the Northern Ireland Association of Social Workers, said the idea was “morally repugnant”.

“Our members across Northern Ireland who work with women and children are really concerned,” she told BBC Radio Ulster.

“They are very clear that they do not want us to be involved in endorsing this policy.

“So one of the things that we’re considering, as a professional association, is to provide guidance which will advise social workers not to participate in this legislation.”

MP Alison Thewliss who spoke at the Rape Clause protest in Belfast




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