VIEW editor to lead digital writing skills workshop


VIEW editor Brian Pelan will lead a digital writing skills workshop at Signal Centre in Bangor, Co Down, next month on behalf of VIEWdigital.

VIEW editor Brian Pelan , right, with Channel 4 journalist Jon Snow

Brian said: “Everyone produces written material at work, some more confidently and successfully than others. The impact of writing depends on how clear, strong and lively it is. I hope to help participants understand the skills and techniques needed to confidently and competently produce craft writing for professional success.”

This course takes place at Signal Centre, Balloo Road, Bangor, on Tuesday, November 7, from 5.30pm to 9.00pm, price £25.


The workshop is part of Signal Business Centre’s IGNITE Programme 2017-2018 which offers a combination of skills and knowledge development, interactive training, shared learning and expert mentoring to help address business challenges.


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