A poem – dedicated to all those who are homeless


By VIEW editor Brian Pelan

The poem below was written by me in memory of someone I once knew who was homeless for a period in his life and who has since died. I would like to dedicate it to all those who are homeless. We all deserve to have our own front door key.

For Jimmy

I spotted it by chance or was I looking for it?

A cigarette butt protruding from a wall.

Did you leave it there?

Perhaps planning to retrieve it some day.

You listened to the ebb and flow of chatter from your vantage point at a shopping centre.

A smile played around your lips but the eyes told a different story.

Memories of better days must have been a source of constant torment and delight.

Marriage, love, building with your strong hands, children and hope.

Once you confided in me about a memory.

You were a child sitting tightly on the handlebars of my brother’s bike.

Careering down a hill with wide-eyed delight into an uncertain future.

The hours of wandering aimlessly lay far ahead.


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