VIEW issue launch: We need to debate the way forward for education

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Above, Peter Osborne, chair, Community Relations Council, left, with VIEWdigital deputy editor Kathryn Johnson, Green Party NI leader Steven Agnew, VIEWdigital co-founder Una Murphy and VIEWdigital editor Brian Pelan

By VIEW editor Brian Pelan

An invited audience heard calls for a debate on the future direction for education at the launch of VIEW’s latest issue at the offices of the Community Relations Council in Belfast today.

Among those attending the education launch of VIEW, which looked at the shared/integrated debate, were Peter Osborne, chair of the Community Relations Council; Mary McManus, manager of the East Belfast Independent Advice Centre; Kelly Andrews, Chief Executive of Belfast-Lisburn Women’s Aid; Tina Merron, Chief Executive of the Integrated Education Fund and Green Party leader Steven Agnew.

Mr Osborne said: “We should try to generate a discussion about what is best for children and young people when it comes to education.”

Mr Agnew added: “In terms of shared education, going to the same building is not the same as going to the same school. Giving them different uniforms is just a big symbol saying that these children are different. The classes need to be integrated.”

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Peter Osborne, Chair, Community Relations Council

Paul Jordan. Director Funding & Development Programme at Community Relations Council.

VIEWdigital co-founder Una Murphy

Steven Agnew, Green Party NI leader

Tina Merron, left, Chief Executive, Integrated Education Fund




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