Wine, dance and song when I hit issue 50 of VIEW

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By VIEW editor Brian Pelan

Several days ago I was in the frantic throes of trying to finish the latest issue of VIEW.

Forty seven issues so far now and 50 is the number which mesmerises me. It’s in the near distance. I can see it wiggling its shiny numerical at me.

I recently vacated my ‘mad office attic’ to reside in another room. The idea being that a move from clutter to a more orderly approach will hopefully create the necessary spark to hit the big 50.

Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow with VIEW editor Brian Pelan

Over the last five years since VIEW was born, we have created publications which have concentrated on social affairs such as; suicide prevention, loneliness, equality, education, housing, homelessness, domestic violence and maternal mental health.

I won’t ever forget the people I’ve met along the way. Their stories is essentially what VIEW is about.

Suicide prevention was the toughest issue I’ve covered so far. I can remember speaking in the conference hall at the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast. A sea of more than 300 faces were looking at me. The vast majority of the audience were made up of people who had lost loved ones to suicide. A woman came up to me when I had finished talking about the magazine. She embraced me warmly with real affection. I felt humbled as this same person had lost her son. You don’t ever forget those moments.

I spent more than 20 years working for a number of newspapers in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. That experience gave me the confidence to help launch VIEW.

My passion for VIEW and social affairs has not diminished even as I survey the wreckage that austerity has imposed on so many working class people’s lives. I will hit issue 50 of VIEW.

There will be wine, dance and music when I do. And all those who have supported VIEW along the way will be invited.

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