Call to support community bank in Northern Ireland

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If you’re tired of banks that serve themselves instead of their customers, then a community bank might be the alternative you’re looking for.

Our Money, a grassroots campaign of volunteers and members of the public who want a community bank for Northern Ireland, have organised an information meeting at Queen’s University for September 18.

A spokesperson for the group said: “Over a decade on from the crash of 2008, when the big banks were bailed out using public money, we’re still living with austerity, savage public spending cuts, stagnating wages and escalating debt.  On top of this, global warming is now a problem we can’t continue to ignore.

“Grassroots action is needed if we’re to tackle these challenges, action that will help us change how we organise our society and the institutions within it, including our financial institutions.

“Having more control over the money generated in our region would provide us with the financial autonomy and power to become more environmentally, socially and economically just and in the process create a more resilient region.  

“At present, our money, in the form of incomes, savings, pensions, economic activity and public budgets is largely controlled by private interests and is invested elsewhere.  A community bank, owned and controlled by the people who live here, would allow individuals, communities, businesses and public sector bodies to have control over this vast wealth and ensure it’s used for our benefit.”

The Our Money campaign has the sole objective of establishing a community bank in Northern Ireland.

Register for our information session in September at

If you want to find out more or if you want to join the campaign, check out the website at


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