Pupils in Northern Ireland to support climate emergency strike

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School children from across Northern Ireland will walk out of school tomorrow as part of the largest ever Global Climate Strike.

For the past eight months, young people have staged monthly walk outs and protests, as part of the ‘Fridays for Future’ movement started by young Swedish Climate activist Greta Thunberg.

For the first time since the demonstrations began in February, the youth strikers are calling on parents, businesses, working people and politicians alike to get behind the strikers and demand urgent action on the climate crisis.

One of the local organisers in Belfast, Maia Willis, 18, said: “Our future is at stake and the current world governments are not acting enough to end the crisis. Locally, we need to ban fracking, eliminate emissions, and create a Northern Ireland which is sustainable for the future.”

“We urge everyone to strike with us tomorrow regardless of your age, social status, job and political opinions. This crisis effects everyone.”

Stevie Maginn, Green Party Rep for West Belfast, added: “In NI, worsening air and water quality are having profound effects on health inequalities and 60 percent of our native species of plants and animals are in population decline.”

“Our young people recognise the urgency of the climate and ecological crisis the world is currently facing. They are the ones who will have to deal with the worst effects of climate breakdown and they should be praised not punished for attending the strikes taking place across NI this week.

“Schools should see this as an opportunity to teach about the importance of active citizenship and facilitate any young people wishing to take part or learn more. ”

The Belfast youth strikers will gather at Cornmarket at 12 noon, before departing at 12:30pm to march towards Belfast City Hall where they will hold a rally and protest.


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