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Cloud Technology on a Budget November 11 12 – 2pm Location: Belfast City Centre Is your team or your organization making the most out of free and low cost cloud technology? Find out about how you can become more organized, more efficient, and more effective as an individual and as a team, without paying extra. Sign up for this seminar here: If you have questions, please feel free to email

Advanced Digital Stories November 12 9.30 – 4.30 Location: Belfast City Centre This workshop will cover 4 areas: blogging, video, audio & social media, giving you the opportunity to create, host & share different forms of media, helping you tell your organisation’s story effectively to members, service users, stakeholders & funders. You will be completing practical exercises in each of the four areas. Each participant will receive a copy of a Digital Handbook to help equip you when you return to your organisation. If you have questions, please feel free to email Sign up for the course here:

Interactive Surveys to Create Stories November 17 12 – 2.00 Location: Belfast City Centre Online surveys don’t need to be boring and tedious. Learn how to create free or low cost yet beautiful surveys that take on your branding and create a seemless user experience. Harnass the power of surveys to collect data that is important to your organisation, and then use that data to tell a story to your audience. In this seminar we will show you how to do all these things, without having to spend very much time or money. Sign up for this seminar here: If…

In Depth: Online Audience Impact Measurement November 18 9.30 – 1.30 Location: Belfast City Centre You’ve worked hard to craft a story that will harnass the attention of the masses – but how do you know if you’ve been successful? Are you creating the impact online which you had hoped for? We will bring you through the various ways of measuring your impact online – from Google Analytics to more simplistic link tracking solutions, to social media analytics: we will show you the step by step processes and platforms that will allow you to gain an accurate picture of how…

Digital Design: Leaflets & Flyers November 19 2.30- 4.30 pm Belfast City Centre Are you responsible for your organisation’s leaflets and flyers? Are you looking for some help to give your flyers a more professional look? This seminar will introduce you to important design principles, tips and tools that, once applied will boost your organisation’s visibility, professional image and reach. Sign up for the course here: If you have questions, please feel free to email

Sophie Mullen has worked both in the print design industry and in the charity community sector, so understands the needs and requirements of both worlds. Sophie currently works as a Social Media/ Digital Marketing Co-Ordinator for a charity called Arthritis Care. She also spends her time helping charities and small businesses get their message out to the world more effectively.

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