VIEWdigital training will strengthen your digital reach and get your media noticed online.


VIEWdigital hosts training by media industry professionals to maximise organisations’ opportunities to reach their desired audience. For your convenience, VIEWdigital offers digital media training on a tailored in-company basis, as well as public courses, the dates of which are featured on the VIEWdigital website.

Digital Technology has completely altered the way in which information is delivered and consumed. Today’s audience has ever-increasing demands on its time when it comes to digesting information, so organisations have to ensure they are producing media content that will engage an online audience.

In traditional media communications journalists ‘curate’ content and your organisation’s press releases are turned into stories for newspapers, radio and television. Now every organisation has the tools to produce media themselves but just how engaging are the ‘stories’ they are telling?

Your organisation’s staff may be increasingly called upon to produce high-quality media content. VIEWdigital’s trainers – who have worked for leading broadcasting organisations and newspapers as well as in digital media – will help your staff to develop the skills to attract and engage your chosen audience.

Within the media industry, journalists have changed the way they think about storytelling and focus on the ever-evolving relationship between journalist and audience. Just as experienced journalists do, your staff can publish media content on digital channels; they have to think about best practice, including issues such as copyright and also how to attract and keep an audience through social media. The key is ‘telling’ not ‘selling’.

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“I attended the twitter training delivered by Brian, representing one of the Lead Partners in the network of Advice Consortia in Belfast. The session was a fantastic “de-mystifier” of twitter and very engaging for someone of my limited skills.

I now have access to trends and information to enable me  to make more strategic and informed decisions and to engage in wider dialogue and debates.”

Gerry Tubritt, Deputy Director, Ballynafeigh Community Development Association