Belfast Castle maze given new lease of life by Cave Hill volunteers


The maze at Belfast Castle has been given a new lease of life after it was restored by volunteers from the Cave Hill Conservation Campaign.

Officially opened to celebrate and welcome the new millennium, the maze offers a experience for locals and tourists visiting the area.

Over a two-year period, work has been carried out to remove large overhanging trees, improve the walls and trails throughout the maze, plant new fruit trees and excavate a colourful mural that became buried in the ground.

Belfast Lord Mayor Ryan Murphy praised the efforts of all those involved in the project. “The refurbishment and revival of the maze by the Cave Hill Conservation Campaign is fantastic. It’s a celebration of volunteerism and is a shining example of the wide variety of different activities and sites available in our parks and open spaces.

“The maze is such an untapped visitor attraction which will undoubtedly play an important role in bringing tourists and locals to the area in greater numbers.”

Chair of the Cave Hill Conservation Group, Cormac Hamill is encouraging everyone to come along and enjoy the wonders of the maze. He said: “We in Cave Hill Conservation Campaign are delighted that the lord mayor is opening the restored maze in the grounds of Belfast Castle. This is appropriate recognition for what was a hidden and forgotten feature of the estate.

“Over 20 years ago we had the idea of creating a maze there to mark the millennium. The work was actually carried out by Belfast City Council. Over the years since, it had grown unkempt and neglected and two years ago, we decided to restore it as a quiet restful spot and also a place to intrigue and delight children. We have a bunch of dedicated volunteers and we were helped at various times by local community groups.

“Belfast City Council have been very supportive of the work over these two years and together we have brought life to the maze and given it a place and function within the Estate.”

• Main image: Lord Mayor of Belfast Ryan Murphy, left, with Cormac Hamill , Chair of the Cave Hill Conservation Campaign