Images by Dr Tuck Goh

By Joseph Pelan

A doctor with a passion for photography has captured moments at his hospital in Belfast during the Covid-19 pandemic for future generations.

Fifty-nine-year-old Dr Tuck Goh, from Malaysia, has been working in Ulster Hospital’s Emergency Department for 23 years.

“Even from a young age I wanted to be a professional photographer. I did leave medicine for around five years and pursued a job in commercial photography. I eventually came back to medicine. 

“Over the last six or seven years I’ve had a real passion for street and travel photography and that’s what I’ve been doing in combination with my full-time job as a doctor in the emergency department.”

Dr Goh has exhibited his previous work through the Arts centre at the Ulster Hospital but it wasn’t until the beginning of the pandemic that Dr Goh began taking photographs at work. 

Using a small pocket-sized Fuji camera, his photography captures intimate moments within a sterile environment. And by documenting the scenes unfolding in real-time in the emergency department, Dr Goh’s photographs allow us an insight into the daily life of frontline workers battling the pandemic.

“What really impacts upon me is the sheer extraordinary time we are going through and you feel the sense that you have to capture the moment. 

“In terms of the pandemic, this is a decisive moment in the time of the hospital and the time that we live in. 

“I felt the need to capture this on film and to document it. I hope the photographs go a long way to preserving this unusual time and leave behind some evidence of what has happened for a generation to come.”

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