By VIEWdigital publisher Una Murphy

Many readers have rediscovered the pleasure of paper. There has been a shift during the Covid-19 lockdown of people really wanting to read a premium print magazine.

VIEW is a digital first magazine but we also publish a beautifully printed magazine for paid subscribers. Libraries throughout Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Britain also receive copies of the print edition of VIEW magazine.

Even in the thick of the digital revolution, we think the covers of each edition of VIEW magazine are worth looking at in print.

While we love our digital magazine edition, we think that our print publication has a mark of substance and meaning. Magazine production is an act of creation and paid subscribers receive the print edition of VIEW magazine, delivered directly to their doorsteps.

Enjoy some ‘lean-back’ time by reading about important social issues in the print edition of VIEW magazine by becoming a paid subscriber.

The print edition of VIEW provides an opportunity to read our curated social affairs journalism in colour-rich, high resolution.

Becoming one of our paid subscribers means you will belong to a group of readers who receive VIP invites to events and we will ask for your opinions on stories we should cover.

Why not appreciate the quality, care and professionalism we put into every edition of VIEW magazine by becoming a paid subscriber during the month of May at a special 50% discount. More details here:

By taking out a paid subscription you will receive a premium, print edition of VIEW magazine, that cuts through the digital noise and also support independent community media.

Donation - 60th edition of VIEW magazine

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