A UK-wide network which supports carers of people living with dementia has launched an online survey.

Tide (together in dementia everyday) is expanding its work in Northern Ireland and as part of an initiative to understand how better we can support carers of people living with dementia, we want to open up this conversation through an online survey and interviews. We will use responses to give a voice to carers and inform these resources.

This work is being led by tide carers in Northern Ireland.

The network provides regular support and meet-ups for carers alongside a development programme that enables carers to find their voice and gain skills that help them be recognised for the contribution they make. 

Carers of people living with dementia have been talking to each other before and during this pandemic, sharing their stories of how they’re coping and the reality of life as a carer. The idea for this survey was borne out of those conversations, along with the questions which have all come from tide carers.  

Caring for someone with dementia can be a lonely and isolating experience. Even though the lives of carers can be filled with a stream of people, agencies, phone calls and appointments, we know that carers can feel both lonely and alone. You may not have a minute to yourself, but still feel that really, you’re on your own.

Your answers will be completely anonymous so you can be as open and honest as you feel comfortable with. We may also use some of your answers in future work on the lived experience of carers of people with dementia. Again, this will be completely anonymous with any identifiable characteristics left out.  Whether you are a present or former carer of someone with dementia please consider completing our survey. It will take between 10 – 20mins depending on how much you want to say.

Link to survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/M2PZ2BT 

• The closing date for the survey is March 26, 2021.

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