Brendan O’Hara

This ‘Insight Into the Palliative Care’ edition of View is a very valuable resource as we look to the future and continue to improve the palliative care experience for all those people who could benefit from this care, which is the aim of All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care. We are delighted to have this publication.

From Brendan O’Hara, Programme Manager of All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care, who was guest editor of the VIEW issue which looked at Palliative Care in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland – https://bit.ly/2kgtcHp

Guest editor Eddie Lewis

VIEW editor Brian Pelan asked me to help out as guest editor on an issue of the View on the subject of the housing crisis in Ireland. It was a very enjoyable experience and the end product was well worth the effort.  The issue [Volume 52 / August 2019] brought together a wide range of views on the subject and I believe made an important contribution to the continuing debate around the future direction of housing policy in Ireland.

From Eddie Lewis, Associate Lecturer at the Office of Public Administration in the Republic of Ireland, who was guest editor of the VIEW issue which looked at housing issues in the Republic of Ireland – https://bit.ly/2pmPBoR

Guest editor Alan McBride

I was delighted to take up the invitation to be guest editor of View issue on Victims, Survivors, Legacy. My greatest joy was helping to craft a magazine that included all of the voices from the sector to put together as inclusive a magazine as possible.  I have been working with victims and survivors for many years, often the sector is fraught with difficulty and disharmony as victims and their representatives argue over differing narratives of the conflict.  This edition did not seek to get harmony but rather provided a space where those of differing positions could get to hear each others ideas about what needs to happen with regards to legacy in order to move this place forward.

From Alan McBride, manager at the WAVE Trauma Centre in Belfast, who was guest editor of our issue of VIEW which looked at Victims, Survivors and Legacy issues in Northern Ireland – https://bit.ly/2zb7iZQ

Guest editor Sid McDowell

Being a Guest Editor of VIEW magazine reinforced for me the value of responsible local journalism which is close to its roots and which not only exposes dark places but makes space to illuminate good practice. VIEW magazine and its contribution to the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector is to be celebrated and sustained.

From Sid McDowell, chair of NIACRO, who was guest editor of our VIEW issue which looked at Crime and Justice – https://bit.ly/2OPh7pc

Guest editor Dr Brendan Murtagh

“This issue of VIEW has pulled together a fantastic range of projects, people and insights into the future of the community and voluntary sector in Northern Ireland. Brian has edited a magazine with depth and clarity that makes an important contribution to the work of the sector, practitioners and politicians.

From Dr Brendan Murtagh, Queen’s University. Brendan was guest editor of our issue which looked at the impact of the Building Change Trust – https://bit.ly/2SKnFo5

Guest editor Mary McManus

The experience of being a Guest Editor on the VIEWdigital issue on Austerity was that of being treated as an expert in my field, my suggestions were welcomed and included.  As editor, Brian Pelan ensured that the people most impacted were honoured by having their stories central to the magazine. Brian has produced a sensitive and comprehensive examination and critique of how this cruel policy is playing out in our communities.  It is a must read for anyone wanting to understand more on this subject.

From Mary McManus, who was guest editor of our Austerity issue of VIEW – https://bit.ly/2MUBySb

Guest editor Lindsay Robinson

“It was a pleasure to work with Brian to produce the edition about Maternal Mental Health. Brian’s attention to detail and genuine passion for each issue always shines through.  The impact of this piece of work has been immediate and will continue to be long lasting, making a significant difference for mums and families.”

From maternal mental health campaigner Lindsay Robinson, who was guest editor of our Maternal Mental Health issue of VIEW – https://bit.ly/2vcZmVo

Guest editor Alex Kane

“In an era when we’re told that people don’t have enough time or attention span for a ‘long read’ on a key issue, it’s genuinely refreshing to see Brian Pelan and VIEW proving them wrong. Month after month he pulls together informed opinion into a platform that is both broad based and challenging; allowing both sides of a debate to put their case in a civil and thoughtful manner. VIEW has become a very important voice in Northern Ireland.”

From Alex Kane, columnist and commentator, who was guest editor of our Education issue of VIEW – https://bit.ly/2q0562d   

Guest editor Kelly Andrews

“The opportunity to combine Brian and Una’s vast experience of journalism and passion for social affairs with our experience of working with women and children and pressing domestic violence issues, enabled the production of a hard-hitting, sensitively written and quality piece of work which will act as an invaluable resource for the organisation and for VIEW’s wider audience.”

From Kelly Andrews, Chief Executive of Belfast-Lisburn Women’s Aid, who was guest editor of our Domestic Abuse issue of VIEW – https://bit.ly/2t2ssGe

Jim Dennison
Jim Dennison Chief Executive Simon Community NI

Guest editor Jim Dennison

“It was a pleasure to work with Brian Pelan on VIEW’s recent focus on homelessness.  Brian has a wealth of understanding of social issues and I was struck by his passion to do something to not only highlight the issue of homelessness in NI and what we could all do to end it.  It was a pleasure to work with him.”

From Jim Dennison, Chief Executive, Simon Community NI, who was the guest editor of our Homelessness issue of VIEW – https://bit.ly/33MEQKD

Guest editor Jo Egan

“Brian Pelan edits and publishes a crucial online social affairs magazine. He is thorough, conscientious and cares passionately about supporting the voices of marginalised people throughout Northern Ireland. He is a joy to work with.”

From Jo Egan, playwright and co founder of Macha theatre company. Jo was guest editor of our Arts issue of VIEW – http://bit.ly/2cJw8bv

Guest editor Fergus Cumiskey

“Having tracked the emerging social policy/social justice commentary niche that Brian Pelan has captured for VIEW magazine over recent years, it became evident that the ‘long read’ analysis VIEW offers on key themes of our time adds exceptional value to quality investigative journalism.”

From Fergus Cumiskey, former Chief Executive, Contact NI. Fergus was guest editor of our Suicide Prevention issue of VIEW – http://bit.ly/2g0VcdZ

Copyright © Kevin Cooper Photoline NUJ: Jane Craven, guest editor and founder of the Whiterock Children’s Centre

Guest editor Jane Craven

“It is my opinion that VIEW offers guest editors a great opportunity to express views, to learn more broadly about the issue in question through the articles from other contributors and to make connections which can prove useful in advancing towards positive action.”

From Jane Craven, founder and former Director of the  Whiterock Children’s Centre. Jane was guest editor of our Child Poverty issue of VIEW – http://bit.ly/2hJQenS

Guest editor Kerry Melville

“View Magazine produced a community food issue in partnership with the Belfast Food Network that proved highly successful. Brian was extremely proactive, sourcing numerous articles from our network members and securing sponsorship from the Food Standards Agency for the issue.”

From Kerry Melville, co-ordinator, Belfast Food Network. Kerry was guest editor of our Community Food issue of VIEW – http://bit.ly/2vmjZOK

Guest editor Barry Adams

“I’ve been a supporter of VIEWdigital since their early days, and the opportunity to contribute to their Community Goes Digital edition was too good to pass up. The magazine fulfils an important role in the local voluntary and community sector, and working with Brian and Una on the magazine was a very rewarding experience.”

From Barry Adams, founder of Polemic Digital – A SEO Consultancy based in Belfast. Barry was guest editor of our Community Goes Digital issue of VIEW ­­– http://bit.ly/2wHHNMi

Guest editor Brendan McDonnell

“The Social Impact issue helped us to get some clear messages on a complex and important subject across to a wider audience. Brian and his team put together a series of articles that managed to be both illuminating and challenging on the subject of impact measurement in the community and voluntary sector.”

From Brendan McDonnell, director of Community Evaluation Northern Ireland. Brendan was guest editor of our Social impact issue of VIEW – http://bit.ly/29sr0om

Copyright © Kevin Cooper Photoline NUJ: Paddy Gray, guest editor, Professor of Ulster University

Guest editor Professor Paddy Gray

“I was honoured and privileged to be asked by Brian Pelan to be guest editor on a special issue of VIEW on housing. The magazine, sponsored by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, brought together a range of issues including homelessness, the need for more social housing, the effects of poor housing on mental health, community cohesion and examples of good practice.”

From Paddy Gray, Emeritus Professor, Ulster University. Paddy was guest editor of our Housing issue of VIEW – http://bit.ly/1WIklcE

Guest editor Janette McKnight

“The final edition looked fabulous, with an array of informative articles representing the width and depth of excellent work happening, often unrecognised, within the prisons and justice sector. I would like to thank Brian Pelan and Una Murphy for giving me this opportunity to bring many important issues to the attention of VIEW’s readership.”

From Janette McKnight, director of the Quaker Service in Northern Ireland. Janette was guest editor of our Prisons and Justice issue of VIEW – http://bit.ly/1O8l3wK

Guest editor Yvette Shapiro

“Brian Pelan is a highly respected and experienced editor with a deep commitment to ethical journalism. He approaches his work with honesty, integrity and fairness and these qualities are reflected in the excellent VIEW magazine.”

From journalist and broadcaster Yvette Shapiro. Yvette was guest editor of our equality issue of VIEW –  http://bit.ly/2lNnQ1O

Guest editor Joanne Morgan

“Brian was extremely respectful of our expertise in the subject matter but used his extensive journalistic contacts to bring real added value to the edition. We produced the edition within a relatively tight timescale and this was only possible with Brian’s support and professionalism.”

From Joanne Morgan, director of the Community Health Development Network. Joanne was guest editor of our health issue of VIEW – http://bit.ly/2tixi4B