Youth arts charity WheelWorks Arts is launching a digital arts festival hosted entirely online. Starting on Monday, April 13, the Make, Do, Create Festival will see a series of artist-led creative workshops take place every day for six weeks. 

Covering music; animation; photography; dance; visual arts and filmmaking, the Make, Do, Create Festival invites everyone to build their curiosity and passion for all things creative while at home. Eight professional artists will guide viewers through eight 20-minute workshops on a specific artform. Example workshops include, ‘Home film school’, ‘Playing with abstract art’ and ‘iPad music production’.

WheelWorks Arts CEO Farah Chowdhury said: “Taking part in arts activities is a great way to connect, explore, have fun and most of all, to feel good. We are really looking forward to bringing people across the region together and seeing all the creativity made possible through this new festival.”

With 25 years of developing and running community arts programmes across Northern Ireland, WheelWorks Arts has been able to work quickly with local artists to put together an exciting programme of activities in response to the COVID-19 lockdown. 

“Make, Do, Create is open to all ages. There will be activities that teenagers, and adults, can do by themselves, or that younger children can do with some help from adults. We want this festival to inspire creativity and fun at home and we would love to see some of the artwork that is generated from it,” said Tanya Kirk O’Neill, WheelWorks ArtCart Coordinator.

The festival is completely free thanks to funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland; Belfast City Council and Education Authority, which support WheelWorks core programmes.

The festival runs until May 24. Workshops will be available to view via Wheelworks Arts website at You can follow updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @WheelWorksArts.

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